Happy Independence Day
July 4th 2019

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Our new location

Bethany Lutheran Church,
11906 Old US 31 Hwy N,
Charlevoix, MI

The finest Martial Arts school in all of Northern Michigan with the highest ratio of Black Belt Instructors

This is what we hold true at Northern Martial Arts, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of teaching and training. Every person has a unique reason for his or her desire to learn the martial arts. Whether it is to gain focus, learn self defense, or compete on the martial arts circuit, we have the knowledge and desire to help you meet your training goals. Northern Martial Arts is owned and operated by Mr. Tim Bruce.

What We Offer

Little Dragons Classes– offered to our students ages 4 to 6. Little Dragons is specifically designed with younger students in mind. We teach focus, coordination , working on balance and direction, all while having a great time! Classes are scheduled in 8 week sessions, with session 1 beginning in September.

Hap Ki Do – one of the oldest martial arts in history. Dating back over 4000 years, it literally translates to “The Art of Coordinated Power”. Students in HapKiDo are well rounded in their education, learning, kicks, punches, forms, joint locks, pressure point tactics, self defense, as well as weapons training. Due to the higher level of difficulty, HapKiDo is limited to students over age 9.

Where we’re located. Bethany Lutheran Church, 11906 Old US 31 Hwy N, Charlevoix, MI 49720

New Class Schedule

  • Monday:
    • 6pm to 6:45pm Beginners
    • 6:45pm to 7:30pm Adult
  • Wednesday:
    • 6pm to 6:45 Beginners
    • 6:45pm to 7:30pm Black Belts
  • Saturday
    • 10am to 11am All Classes

We will be closed for holidays: Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, Venetian Festival, Labor Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend. All Charlevoix School Closings because of bad weather.